YouTube Is Adding a New Useful Feature for Power Users

YouTube lets users subscribe to their favourite channels, making it easier to track fresh videos. But once you start spending more time on the largest video platform on the Internet, you’re more likely to end up subscribing to a large number of YouTube channels. You’ll end up with a crowded Subscriptions feed on the YouTube mobile app, making it harder to track new videos from your favourite channels. YouTube is now looking to fix that by adding new filters in the Subscription feed on its mobile apps, starting with iOS.

YouTube’s iOS app has received new filters in the Subscriptions feed with six options. Users will be able to pick from All, Today, Continue Watching, Unwatched, Live, and Posts. The Android app will receive a similar feature in the near future, says Google. The feature will be highly useful for YouTube users who’ve subscribed to a lot of channels.

After tapping on a specific filter, users will see videos in a reverse-chronological list. These would include all videos from subscribed channels, videos posted on that particular day, videos a user may have stopped watching in-between, live videos, and posts from YouTube channels. YouTube is calling these filters ‘topics’.

In a thread posted on Google’s support forums, the company wrote, “During our testing, we saw that these topics encouraged more subscribers to come to their subs feed daily to look for new updates. These topics are optional and your default subscriptions feed will continue to show you all videos from channels you’re subscribed to.”

There’s no doubt this is a welcome move by YouTube, and the company could improve these filters by adding slightly more powerful features. YouTube is asking users to submit their feedback that will help improve the feature in the coming months.

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