We see no impact of the slowdown at Denave, says its global CEO Snehashish Bhattacharjee

Global sales tech enablement organization, Denave, announced the launch of its new delivery centre in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The company plans to tap into the technology driven local talent pool to increasingly gain a foothold in the IT hub of India.

The new operational centre is in tandem with the company’s plans of strengthening technology and its tele service offerings. “One of our sales operations – tele sales – pertains to driving sales outcome for customers, which we are now expanding within the country. Whatever we do in India, we can replicate that with localisation in other international markets. This year, we realised that the same localisation also applies to us in India. It will also serve as a base for attracting the right technology talent that we need to build in the company,” Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO and Co-Founder, Denave said while speaking to ET.com.

The company, which also enables startups and SMBs in sales acceleration, now has plans to target the medium and upper mid market of SMBs for the next two years via their sales automation and intelligent database automation platforms.

Services focused on customer acquisition, SMB penetration, revenue maximisation and customer retention are offered by the company through their telesales offering. The company leverages technology trends to create effective sales engines for businesses across sectors.

Over the next three years, Denave is expecting to see a hike in its user base and revenues. “We are looking at Rs 550 crore in revenues by next three years, up from the Rs 265 crore revenue this year. This will be aided by expansion of our services that we are doing out of India – the tele delivery services and the tech user base which will be purely focused on India,” Bhattacharjee added.

Denave also plans to target close to 170,000 users over the next three years using their tech platforms as against 2600 currently. India is the largest market for the company at present, contributing to 76% of the revenues. Bhattacharjee, however, is of the view that some changes can be expected in this dynamic going forward.

“We believe as we start building scale in other markets, India should eventually be contributing around 35% of our revenues. We had been primarily focused on India earlier as a homegrown company. Now we are looking at scaling this further across multiple geographies,” he said.

The sales enablement firm is eyeing its next set of expansion in international locations. “Our Kuala Lumpur centre has now started ramping up. The second one will be out of Eastern Europe where we foresee better economies of scale. In 1.5 years, there will be a centre in the US as well,” he added.

Bhattacharjee is bullish about the road ahead, including in India which he feels presents a huge opportunity waiting to be leveraged. “In our ecosystem, while everyone is talking about a slowdown, we haven’t seen it unfold at Denave. Our present model has not made us feel the impact. Selling is something that will never really go out of fashion,” he quipped.

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