Want six pack abs? Beware! Know surprising facts about health drinks; this case will shock you

The fitness industry in India is booming as more and more youngsters are adopting healthier life and aiming to achieve great-looking, chiseled, bodies. According to a recent report by Praxis and YourNest Venture Capital, the sports, fitness and wellness (SFW) market in India will grow from $35 billion in 2016 to $90 billion by 2022, creating 2.5 times more opportunity for peripheral products and services such as gear and apparel.

The hunger to have better bodies and develop six abs, forces fitness enthusiasts to turn towards food supplements and health drinks to achieve fast results. While these do help you look better, they can also be harmful, if not taken with proper guidance and knowledge. 

A victim of this trend, Shrideep Gawde from Mumbai’s Kurla, who has won several awards in body building competitions but food supplements had a drastic effect on his body. Due to the side effects of these supplements, both the kidneys of Gawde have stopped working. 


“I had vomiting, after which I visited the doctor. He did some tests and told that both my kidneys have stopped working,” Gawde, who is currently admitted in a hospital, told Zee Business.

The gym goers need to understand that while it is important to have protein intake in order to gain muscles, you need to decide a certain amount. If you take protein in excess, it can actually harm your body. Your kidneys job is to get rid of excess protein from your body. When this amount is too much, it forces the kidney to work extra and that is when it stops working properly. 

In most cases, people who have more protein in their diet, avoid consuming carbohydrates. This also has a negative effect on their bodies.  

So, when you next hit the gym and reach for your protein shake, pay heed to the warnings.

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