December 3, 2020

Want a long life? Check out how to stay fit, know which is healthiest city in India

Eating nutritious food, staying active, socializing and sound sleep help people have longer life, claims GOQii India Fit Report 2020. The report states that these factors have helped several 90-year-olds to lead a long and healthy life. People in this age group said that eating home-cooked and fresh, local and seasonal vegetarian meals at fixed and regular intervals played an important role in their day-to-day regimen, while the centurions believe that having a hobby, being social and content enhanced quality of their lives.

According to the report, most centennials lead a disease-free life while the younger age groups demonstrated a higher risk profile for lifestyle diseases. It said that 62 per cent of them are at high risk or borderline on the High-Risk Assessment spectrum and only 38 per cent are healthy. 

Notably, women are unhealthier than men with 71 per cent of women falling in the unhealthy category in the Health Risk Assessment spectrum. Lifestyle remains a big problem in the younger generation with adults in the 19-30 age group having the unhealthiest habits and higher risk to be afflicted by lifestyle diseases.

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“The GOQii India Fit report is an important marker for India’s fitness. Our study indicates that people who report being happy and satisfied with their lives are more likely to enjoy longer life span with good health and fewer long-term limiting health concerns. Bonding with family and friends appears to enhance health, and even increase longevity. At GOQii, our endeavor is to create awareness about preventive health while providing people a platform to improve their health and fitness and move a step ahead to increase India’s average lifespan to 80 years and above,” Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO of GOQii said.

Chandigarh has emerged as the healthiest city in India while Kolkata is at the lowest end of the spectrum. Chennai has the worst BMI rank across all cities, while Mumbai slips far down in the list of healthiest cities, ranking 15th overall. Ahmedabad ranks 10th in the overall ranking, manages stress better than many other cities.

The fifth edition of the report studied around 5 million GOQii users across different parameters such as steps taken, lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Cardiac and Hypertension), BMI (Body Mass Index), nutrition, water, stress, sleep, gut health and immunity, allergies, smoking and alcohol consumption; all of which are classified according to gender and key cities.

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