Viaan Gaming launches real money ‘Housie’ game app

MUMBAI: Raj Kundra-promoted Viaan Gaming has launched popular party game, housie, on mobile platform. The ‘Housie Quiz’ app is a real money game, offering players instant cash-out features. The app is available for both android and IOS platforms.

“The last 5-6 years in India has seen a substantial amount of growth in the real money gaming (RMG) industry. Online gaming has a massive market opportunity that prolongs beyond interactive entertainment,” Kundra said. “With Housie Quiz I am proud to announce India’s first real money game of skill. By customising it with the quiz element we have made it more relatable and fun for our users.”

He claims that ‘Housie Quiz’ is India’s first digital real money housie gaming app, where gamers can purchase up to two tickets that cost Rs 25 each and play housie via the live streaming feed every day at 8 pm or play from a choice of multiple randomly generated number games during the day.

The twist in Housie Quiz is that after every number a question pops up players’ screen and if they answer it correctly they will get the number if it’s in their ticket. If the answer is incorrect, the number turns red preventing the player from winning the full house.

Housie Quiz will offer instant cash-out up to Rs 9,999 for winners directed to their Paytm account, while withdrawals over Rs 9,999 will be sent to the nominated bank account or Paytm within 24 hours on completion of KYC.

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