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Deepika Padukone seems to have become a soft target for trolls ever since she visited JNU and expressed her solidarity with the students in the midst of her movie promotions for ‘Chhapaak‘. The latest spate of attacks on Deepika is not around the JNU visit but a series of makeup tutorial videos the actress did with a makeup blogger on a popular social media app. Deepika chose ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Piku‘ and ‘Chhapaak’ as three of her most favourite looks.

Here are some of the troll attacks on Deepika and why it’s important that we shut them up!

Troll Attack 1: ‘This is beyond disrespectful. Expected better from you. One thing to ‘appropriate’ the fight of 1000s of acid attack survivors and becoming their spokesperson but it takes some different level of ignorance to do this’

How is being inclusive the same as being disrespectful? If anything, Deepika Padukone has not only embraced Laxmi’s story and made her a part of everyone’s narrative but she’s also given her a platform to tell the world her ordeal and how she emerged as a true champion.

Also, there is no ignorance in using her ‘Chhapaak’ look in a makeup tutorial video and making it look normal. Most make up tutorial videos use the regular beauty standards that society seems to have accepted and will shy away from showing anything that is not textbook ‘beautiful’. Deepika deserves nothing but a pat on her back.

Troll Attack 2: ‘They are normal people who are most likely ignorant and dumb due to extreme privilege’

Being a celebrity is a definite privilege. And if anyone knows this better, it is Deepika Padukone. She has used her celebrity status in the past to champion and talk about several issues like mental health and now the suffering of an acid attack victim. To call her ‘dumb and ignorant’ is a reflection of the troll’s mindset and has no bearing whatsoever on Deepika’s actions. Deepika rightly used her position as a big celebrity to endorse her look from Chhapaak in this makeup video and make it part of mainstream culture. The fact that this video will be watched by millions of people is a testament to her commitment to making Laxmi’s story reach everyone who has a narrow and bigoted mindset. Also, this seems to be an outright attempt to run down an intelligent woman who knows to stand up for what she believes. This is outright misogyny that needs to be called out blatantly.

Troll Attack 3: ‘Not shocked how insensitive and out of touch these Bollywood stars are’

‘Insensitive’ and ‘out of touch’ are words that have no connection with Deepika Padukone. On the contrary, her sensitive portrayal of an acid victim and her performance in Chhapaak have won her praise from all quarters. Deepika is very much in touch with what’s happening in society and also aware of the responsibility her position warrants. The fact that she chose to incorporate the Chhapaak look in a makeup tutorial video goes to show how inclusive her thinking is and how sensitive she is towards every member of the society. Also, the fact that Deepika at the peak of her career decided to not only to act but also produce a film like Chhapaak speaks volumes of her faith and belief in the subject. Despite the fact that the subject of the film isn’t commercial she still decided to go ahead and not just make it but also promote it with passion and love is worthy of applause.

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