November 29, 2020

The One Tree Hill Cast Reunites: See All the Photos

Alexa, play “I Don’t Wanna Be”, by Gavin DeGraw.

It’s been 8-years since the last episode of One Tree Hill aired and yet when the cast reunited on Saturday in Tree Hill, North Carolina, it was like no time had passed. In photos shared by Hilarie Burton, nearly every star from the One Tree Hill family hugged and rejoiced as they all got together for the first time in awhile.

“I got a job when I was 20-years-old that gave me some of the most important relationships and experiences of my life. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures this weekend and didn’t get photo evidence of everyone, but I love @raenia23 at @fwbcharityevents for bringing us all together,” the actress said. “Thick and thin, our shared history has been a cornerstone in my life. Love you guys.” While Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bushwere unable to make it, James LaffertyChad Michael MurrayAntwon Tanner, Jana KramerStephen Colletti and so many more stars did. 

And in one adorable pic, Hilarie shared a “really special” picture of her and some of the stars who were in the first ever episode of the series. 

“We had so many brilliant cast mates over the years. But this bunch of crazies are the original cast from the very first pilot episode. Most of us got a script called ‘Ravens’. We were little kids with a whole lotta hope. Nathan. Tim. Lucas. Peyton. Skills. Mouth. Jimmy. The OGs of Tree Hill High,” she wrote.

To see more nostalgia-inducing photos from the event, check out the gallery below!

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