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When it comes to social media, people want to know upfront what they’re looking at and when it’s gone viral, everyone wants to try their hand at it. Challenges come and go, but what makes it viral is when everyone starts to follow the trend.

A new challenge that has got on everyone to take it up is the #DollyParton Challenge where one gets you to flaunt their personality via a meme. It all started when singer and actress Dolly Parton posted a tweet with a collage of her photos showing how she would look on various social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and LinkedIn — with the caption, “Get you a woman who can do it all ??”

In no time, the four-frame picture post went viral. It has already inspired 419,096 posts and counting. It has caught on in a big way, with actors, singers and brand influencers, among others, sharing their version of the challenge. And back home, Marathi singer Savaniee Ravindrra is nailing it too!

Taking to her social media, she recently posted four pictures of hers of the social media platforms with the caption, “There you go 😉 Just following the trend you know! *Not on Tinder or LinkedIn though 😉😆 #dollyparton #dollypatronchallenge #savanieeravindrra #savanieestyle.” In no time, her fans poured in with comments to her post.

Here’s what she posted:

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