T-Hub wins Startup India, DPIIT’s bid to lead a program for 30 incubators

T-Hub has won a bid organised by Startup India’s DPIIT. Startup India, DPIIT’s aim is to train business incubation managers and support them through 1:1 mentorship to create a successful startup ecosystem. T-Hub, in partnership with Wadhwani Foundation, will design and implement the acceleration program to act as a growth hack for these select incubators and help them succeed.

Five applications were shortlisted for this bid, and T-Hub was selected based on its rich and successful experience of running various programs for its key stakeholders, such as startups, corporates, government and ecosystem enablers.

The call for applications for incubators in India is now open. The program will begin in March 2020 by onboarding the incubators.

In a statement, CEO, T-Hub, Ravi Narayan, said, “The future of incubation in India will rest on the ability to look beyond short-term gain and enable startups to pursue the path of continuous innovation. This program will address the challenges faced by emerging-market incubators in their local and regional startup ecosystems and help them get on the fast-track to growth. T-Hub will bring its vast experience and expertise in running this capacity building program for incubators in India.”

Dan Kranzler, Head, Venture Fastrack, Wadhwani Foundation and Senior Partner, Capria Ventures, in a statement said, “ Through our Incubator Edge training program, we bring our in-depth understanding of global best practices of incubators and are offering it to incubator managers in the form of a holistic, integrated and customised curriculum designed especially for incubator manager in the Indian Context.”

T-Hub, in consultation with Startup India, will develop a monitoring mechanism to track the progress of participant incubators during and on completion of the program.

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