Ranji Trophy LIVE – Round 7, Day 4: Gujarat inching towards victory against Vidarbha

Hello, and welcome to the live coverage of day four of the Ranji Trophy 2019-20 seventh round of fixtures.



Uttarakhand vs Haryana: Haryana, tottering at 50/5 at the end of day 3, is yet to resume its 2nd innings due to a wet outfield at Dehradun.

Karnataka vs Bihar:  Srinivas Sharath manages to add to Karnataka’s slender overnight lead of 17 runs with a boundary. Karnataka 205/9, leads by 23 runs.

Bihar vs Meghalaya: Rahamatullah (105 not out) and Vikash Ranjan (15 not out) have taken to the field for the final day’s play at Patna. Bihar leads by 388 runs.

Assam vs Odisha: There seems to be no sight of the play being started due to overnight showers. Assam trails by 96 runs with openers Subham Mandal (40 not out) and Kunal Sakia (62 not out) are yet to take to the field.

Mizoram vs Nagaland: The play start has been delayed due to wet outfield.

Himachal vs Delhi – Amol Karhadkar updates: Yet another clear morning. Yet another overnight spell of showers. And the only action on the field is of a super sopper clearing water on the covers.


Bengal vs Delhi: Bad light due to the overcast conditions has delayed the start of the final day at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.


Stumps on Day 3:

Bengal vs Delhi: Delhi (217/7) trails Bengal (318 all-out) by 101 runs in the first innings.

Mizoram vs Nagaland: Mizoram (318/3) leads Nagaland (243 all-out) by 75 runs in the first innings.

Tripura vs Maharashtra: Maharashtra (208 all-out and 103/2) Tripura (121 all-out and 290 all-out) needs 101 runs more to win.

Bihar vs Meghalaya: Bihar (208 all-out and 359/4) leads Meghalaya (179) by 338 runs in the second innings.

Gujarat vs Vidarbha: Gujarat (211 all-out and 74/4) against Vidarbha (142 all-out and 247) needs 101 runs more to win.

Himachal vs Mumbai: Mumbai (372/5) in the first innings.

J&K vs Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh (270/4) in the first innings.

Odisha vs Assam: Assam (238 all-out and 102/0) trails Odisha (436)  by 96 runs in the second innings.

Uttarakhand  vs Haryana: Haryana (50/5) trails Uttarakhand (109 all out) by 59 runs in the first innings.

Chandigarh vs Pondicherry: Pondicherry (37/4) trails Chandigarh (134 all-out) by 97 runs in the first innings.

Services vs Jharkhand: Jharkhand (153 all-out and 49/1) against Services (279 all-out and 259/8 d) needs 337 runs more to win.

Railways vs Karnataka: Karnataka (199/9) leads Railways (182) by 17 runs in the first innings

Results so far:

Sikkim beats Manipur by 232 runs, bags six points.

Saurashtra beats Baroda by four wickets, bags six points.

Goa beats Arunachal Pradesh by an innings and 336 runs, bags all seven points.

Andhra beats Kerala by seven wickets, bags six points.

Rajasthan beats Hyderabad by nine wickets, bags six points.

Uttar Pradesh beats Madhya Pradesh by seven wickets, bags six points.




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