PBL 5 LIVE: Bengaluru Raptors 0-1 Mumbai Rockets; Kim Sa-rang, Gi-jung bag men’s doubles

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Premier Badminton League 2020. Bengaluru Raptors take on Mumbai Rockets at the G.M.C Balayogi Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad.



Game 1


6-8 Tai looks more settled now as she leads with a two-point margin on the turn.

5-5 Oh, too good from Tai. Tai maneuvers the shuttle with great smartness and eventually forces Shreyanshi to play a lift long.

4-4 Shreyanshi’s backhand, cross-court drop finds the net.

3-3 Tai has levelled the score. From back court, she deceives Shreyanshi with a drop winner after lining up for a smash.

1-2 Tai has arrived and in emphatic fashion as she sends down a parallel smash with searing pace.

0-2 Good start from Shreyanshi as she bags the first two points. Tai’s return falls wide.


Daunting task ahead of Shreyanshi, who takes on world No.2 Tai Tzu-ying.

Up next , it will be the women’s singles match between Tai Tzu-ying and Shreyanshi Pardeshi.


KIM SA-RANG AND KIM GI-JUNG WIN  13-15, 15-8, 15-10 TO GIVE MUMBAI A 1-0 LEAD. The two-time World Championships silver medallist proving their mettle again with a comprehensive victory in the end.

Game 3- Kim Sa-rang, Kim Gi-jung win 15-10.


10-14 What a rally and in the end, it’s the net that prevails. After 32 shots, the tape decides the fate of the point as the tumble falls in no man’s land of the Kims’s court.

9-14 Match point as Arun nets the return from Sa-rang.

9-12 Once again, great movement and anticipation at the net from Saputro, who wins the point with a smash at the net. Gi-jung looks to return it from around the back, but fails.

8-12 Three points away from sealing the first point, are the Kims.

8-10 Quick hands from Saputro throws Gi-jung off at the net, who hits his flat return into the net.

7-10 Gi-jung’s smash is slammed into the net.

5-9 HOW ABOUT THAT FOR TEAMWORK. First great deception by Gi-jung at the back. Sets up for a huge smash but plays a delightful drop. George is completely thrown off and has to dive forward to get the drop. He returns it with an easy lift and then Sa-rang does the rest with a half-smash at the net. WOW.

5-8 The Koreans have their nose ahead on the turn. They have really turned up after conceding the first game and by no means are taking their opponents lightly.

5-6 AS FAST AS FLASH! Gi-jung, at the net, shows incredible hands as he wins the point off a quick jab over George.

5-5 The Raptors level the score. This is going right down to the wire.

4-5 Saputro and Arun hanging in there. Gi-jung’s backhand flat return zips long.

2-5 Saputro lines up for a huge smash at the baseline but hits its too low as the birdie finds the net.

2-4 That shuttle stuck in the racket of Saputro. 373 kph smash from Gi-jung and Saputro needs a change of gear. Well, you don’t see that very often.

2-3 Quick flick at the net from Sa-rang and the Raptors pair had no chance with the deep return.

2-2 Another gruelling rally and Sa-rang slams the overhead, forehand push into the net.

1-1 Gi-jung loses his footing at the net and returns the shuttle with a high lift. The Raptors take full advantage as they force an error from the opponents.

0-1 Gi-jung’s push is hit into the net by Arun.

Kim Sa-rang to serve first.


We have an interesting decider in hand. After letting loose in the first game, the Kims have bounced back and in some style.

GAME 2- Kim Sa-rang and Kim Gi-jung win 15-8.


8-13 That’s the attack you associate with Gi-jung, whose down the line smash off the forehand grazes the net before falling past Saputro’s backhand.

8-12 Two great serves from Arun.

6-12 WHAT A POINT FROM THE RAPTORS. Both Saputro and Arun kept multiple smashes out before Arun drilled a smash right through the opponents.

5-11 Arun’s flat push shoots long and Gi-jung does well to leave the birdie alone and let it fly out.

5-10 Great defence from Saputro as he pulls one back.

4-9 Bodyline smash to Arun from Gi-jung as the Koreans continue to make merry.

4-8: Easy lift from Arun George and Gi-jung obliged with a monstrous down the line, forehand smash past Arun’s backhand.

4-7 The drift takes Gi-jung’s lift long.

3-6 Much better from the Kims. They have been attacking from the onset of this game. On this occasion, Sa-rang was proactive at the net and increased their lead with a half-smash at the net.

3-5 Oh,no! Easy put away at the net and Saputro overhits the smash as it falls wide.

3-4 Smart return from Arun George.

2-4 HUGGGE SMASH FROM GI-jung from the baseline for a winner.

2-2 This time, Sa-rang returns Rian’s serve into the net.

1-2 Gi-jung nets the forehand, cross-court slice.

0-1 The first point to the Korean pair as Gi-jung’s smash is returned with a loose lift and Sa-rang put the point to bed with a dig.

Rian to serve first.


GAME 1- Arun/Saputro win 15-13.

15-13 LOVELY ANTICIPATION FROM ARUN GEORGE AS THEY TAKE GAME 1 15-13. George shuffles to his left extremely quickly, anticipates the play from the Kims and seals the game with a half-smash at the net.

14-13 The Koreans refuse to give up as Kim Gi-jung hits a great smash from close range, at the net.

14-12  This time, Arun’s backhand return from the baseline slams into the net.

14-11 Gi-jung saves one game point with a winner up and over the Raptors duo.

14-10 Four game points as Kim Sa-rang’s dribble fails to cross over the net.

13-10  This time, Arun’s backhand flat jab finds the net.

13-9 COLOSSAL SMASH FROM SAPUTRO. Down the line to Kim Sa-rang who had no chance of returning it.

12-9 What a start this, for the Raptors as the Rockets duo hits another lift long.

10-9 Too good from Kim Sa Rang, who shows quick hands at the net and plays the jab for a winner with ease.

8-8 Saputro with great hands at net, as he wins the point with a great drop.

Here we go!

Up first, it will be the men’s doubles match between Bengaluru’s Rian Agung Saputro and Arun George taking on Mumbai’s Kim Gi-jung and Kim Sa-rang



Mumbai Rockets squad: Kuhoo Garg, Parupalli Kashyap, Pranav Chopra, Ramchandran Shlok, Shreyansh Jaiswal, Shriyanshi Pardeshi, Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth, Kim Gi-jung, Kim Sa-rang, Lee Dong-keun

Bengaluru Raptors squad: Ansal Yadav, Arun George, B. Sai Praneeth, Medha Shashidharan, Tai Tzu-ying, Brice Leverdez, Rian Agung Saputro, Chan Peng Soon, Eom Hye-won



Matches Bengaluru Raptors Mumbai Rockets

Rian Agung Saputro/ Arun George

 Kim Gi-jung/Kim Sa-rang


Tai Tzu-Ying

Shreyanshi Pardeshi


B. Sai Praneeth  (TRUMP)

Parupalli Kashyap


Brice Leverdez

Shreyansh Jaiswal (TRUMP)


Chan Peng Soon/Eom Hye-won

Kim Gi-jung/ Pia Bernadeth


The second tie of the day is between Bengaluru Raptors and Mumbai Rockets.

Teams will be looking to seal their spot in the last four as we come to the business end of the tournament. The first clash of the day was between North Eastern Warriors and Chennai Superstarz in what was a top of the table clash. As expected, both Chennai and North East to tested their bench strength with their semifinal spot all but sealed. Click here to read how that tie happened.
PBL 5: North Eastern Warriors pips Chennai Superstarz 4-3 – As it happened


Where to watch Premier Badminton League Season 5?

The Star Sports Network will telecast the PBL 2020 match live from 7 PM IST. Hotstar will be providing the live online streaming.

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