LIVE PBL Season 5: Pune 7 Aces 4-2 Mumbai Rockets

Welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the fifth season of Premier Badminton League! I’m Lavanya and I will be giving you company through the tie today.

LIVE ACTION: Pune 7 Aces 4-2 Mumbai Rockets

Game 1:

11-10 Gung makes a mistake there after Pia is barraged by the Adcocks. Gung cannot angle it right, finding the net instead.

9-9 I cannot decide if the two are being overly cautious or if they’re slogging to cancel each other out. Chris Adcock is taking his time to settle in too.

Gabby and Chris were not initially  be in the same team, but a late transfer into Pune means the couple are a force to reckon with for the Pune side.

Gabby grazes the net, giving Mumbai the lead at the break.

6-7 Service error from Kim there. He has not had a good day.

5-7 Good comeback here from the Adcocks. Chris has been opening up the back and it’s paying off.

3-7 Wide from Chris Adcock. Point Mumbai

2-5 Mumbai stretches its lead, courtesy a few unforced errors from Chris Adcock and good game reading from Kim.

2-4 Kim Gi Jung’s half smash close to the line has been given out. He reviews. Replay finds it just on the line. Some luck here for Kim.

2-1 The Adcocks have a great rhythm going here. Great netplay from Gabby Adcock here.

0-1 Mumbai draw first blood with Kim Gi Jung and Pia Zebidiah taking a point off the Adcocks

MATCH FIVE: Mixed doubles: Chris and Gabby Adcock vs Kim Gi Jung/Pia Zebidiah

MATCH FOUR: Mumbai’s Lee Dong Keun beats Pune’s Kasumasa Sakai 15-7, 15-13

Game 2: Lee beats Sakai 15-13

13-15 Sakai nets on the forehand and finally Mumbai has few points on the board. Two points mind you. The trump record remains.

13-14 Oh but Lee knows what to do. He goes low with a smash and Sakai returns but hitting the net instead of what he intended to do.

Thunderous smash here from Sakai and it touches Lee’s racquet but that’s about all he can do. Lee has thrown this game away.

Lee nets once more. Sakai is thrilled. The nerves clearly getting the better of Lee.

11-13 Sakai is still clinging on. Lee scrambles to get the shuttle across, but it hits the tape.

10-13 Beaten and how. Sakai is not finished yet. Sakai smashes to the side and Lee dives to try and get to it but it’s not enough. The court is being mopped, giving players some time to get a sip of water and catch their breath.

9-13 Intense rally there with each player trying to control the rally, Lee with the upper hand dropping back to defend, waiting for an error. And it came with Sakai going too long.

Oh he tries to flick it fancily across the court, but Sakai finds the net and he is livid. Eight unforced errors from him now so far.

9-11 Rally here.30 shots. Gets it low enough to Sakai to see him return to the net. Strong fist in the air from Lee. Three points away from winning the match

9-10 Oh close to the line from Sakai. Umpire says in, Lee says no and reviews. Replays validate Sakai’s effort.

8-10 Easy point for Lee here with that smash

8-9 A point apiece for each. But the last shot needs to be spoken about as Lee needed to dive dangerously close to the left post to get to that. Gentle touch to it but it does not cross.

7-8 Marvellous reaction time of 0.28 seconds from Sakai to smash one down the court. The shuttle been ravaged. Feathers all over the court.

6-8 That was a good effort from Sakai but a smash straight into the net undoes the good work done so far. Lee leads into the break.

6-7 Encore. Same error, other side of the court. Chin up, Lee. Good going, Sakai.

5-7 Sakai sends a drop shot down knowing Lee’s forehand especially diving in isn’t as good as it probably ought to be. Lee returns but it bounces off the net. Point Pune, Point Sakai.

4-7 Superb rally. Lee’s decision making here has kept infirmly in control of this rally. At the end of it all, after some good forehand defense, the shuttle flies out long to give Lee the point. The Rockets want this done in this game itself, as does Lee.

4-6 Sakai was smart to want to take advantage of Lee falling but that backhand failed him as it hit the net instead of his opponent’s territory.

4-5 Good rally here, evenly paced and fought from both side. 29 shots. Great work at the net from Lee. Sakai hits into the net on the return.

4-4 Sakai smash gets Pune another point here. But he has not been consistent here. He’s going to need more to stay alive here.

Smash from Lee. Down the court towards the back here. Sakai can do nothing.

Lee messes up the angle there and finds the shuttle going through his attempt. Sakai too quick for Lee there

3-2 Wait. What was that? Sakai lost balance but returned the delivery. Lee took his time, went on the backfoot and smashed one right into Sakai’s feet! Bizarely simple.

2-2 Scores are level once more as Lee finds himself peg back.

2-1 Lee finds the net once more.

1-1 Into the net here for Lee. Sakai takes a point. Scores level.

0-1 Early lead for Lee here as Sakai goes too wide

Game 1: Mumbai takes the game 15-7

7-15 There goes the game. Lee gets Sakai on the ground and the recovery is not going to help the angle of that return.

7-14 Apparently not, as Lee finds himself hitting the net during an exchange right up front.

Wide from Lee this time. But it is still game point. Can Lee seal this now?

5-14 Wide from Sakai. Not given initially. Lee reviews. Gamepoint now.

Late resistance here from Sakai but is it going to be enough?

4-13 Sakai pegs one back, smashing the shuttle across the court to steal a point. 

3-13 This is proving to be all too easy for Lee. Into the net and forced errors here from Sakai

3-11 Sakai is a little overexcited here and it costs him as he goes a little too long.

3-10 Well left by Lee. Sakai finds himself going beyond the line in the far court.

3-9 Wide at the edge from Sakai.

3-8 Lovely return from Sakai to try and steer momentum away early on from the break. Across the court to Lee.

2-8 Sakai on debut here but he can’t stop Lee from smashing one down to go into the break with the lead.

Lee takes one more. Strong start from the Korean. He sends one down the court. Poor judgement from Sakai as he leaves one well within bounds.

2-6 Lee knows what he’s doing, sending Sakai going all over the place especially in the corners. 59 shots in this rally that the Korean has done well to win. Great to watch this.

2-5 Sakai’s smashes are good but his netplay doesn’t match up as he struggles close to the net, finally catching the tape

Sakai is sure to show his emotions here as he dispels a weak shot from Lee, smashing it down the middle of the court to take a part.

1-4 Well left by Lee here as Sakai goes a little too long.

1-3 Good rally but Sakai finds himself going out of line. He reviews this. Why the review so early? TV replay finds him going out. Unsuccessful review here for the Aces.

1-2 Power hit from Sakai who smashes across the court. Lee connects and returns but he finds the net.

0-2 Strong start here by Lee. He lost the last time he came on vs Chennai. It’s a fresh start today though in the second singles match of the night.

MATCH FOUR: Kasumasa Sakai vs Lee Dong Keun [Trump]

MATCH THREE: Pune’s Loh Kean Yew beats Mumbai’s Parupalli Kashyap 15-7, 15-14

It’s also three wins in three encounters for Low Kean Yew, vs Parupalli Kashyap. What a stat!

Game 2: Pune takes the game 15-14 and the match as well.

15-14 But that will not be enough as Kashyap finds the net to give 22-year-old Loh Kean Yew a win in the game and the match. This also means that Pune 7 Aces has won its first tie of the Premier Badminton League. 

14-14 Kashyap puts everything he has into that super smash to stay in the game. Decider point.

14-13 Too good from Yew. Kashyap is down and he is shaking his head. 40s shots. Kim Gi Jung is us all as he falls back in despair. Irrespective of who you are backing here, this was bad for the heart, folks. Smashes down the far court and Kashyap was too patient there and he knows that. Game point for Yew. Can Kashyap do something.

13-13 Yew just about misses the line and Kashyap’s fist is out. This is phenomenal. The game is well and truly alive.

13-12 Kashyap forces an error out of Yew, keeping the shots low despite Yew controlling most part of the rally.  He can’t middle that right and it angles into the net. What a game, this.

13-11 What a rally here between these two. Kashyap on the front foot almost all through but he loses footing and that’s all Yew needs to sneak his way through to get the point.

What a smash there from Kashyap. Overhead cross court. Yew beats the court trying to connect

12-10 Error on the serve. And Kashyap now in two digits.

12-9 Kashyap was going good until a cross court smash, coming in at 377 kmph, found Kashyap struggling to angle it into court. Out and a point to Yew. Three more points to clinch the match.

11-9 Oh Yew slammed into the court trying to connect with that cross court smash. What a shot. 219kmph, not so fast, but powerful enough and angled smartly to see Yew struggling. This is much better from Kashyap.

11-8 Unforced error from Yew by the net. Kashyap will not complain.

11-7 Yew keeps Kashyap guessing to half smash one from the net over to the back. Kashyap did not see that coming.

Oh, that’s gone a little too long. Point to Yew.

9-7 Oh and once more. Smashed down the back, Kashyap. 318 kmph. Coming into his own nicely here. More energy from Kashyap

Yew is smiling because of the brilliant reaction from Kashyap to come back from going down on all fours to recovering and flicking a half-hearted return placed smartly to miss Yew. Nicely done.

9-5 We need more of these massive Kashyap smashes to keep him in the game. He cannot rely on Yew making unforced errors. He has been passive, sitting back and letting Yew be the belle of the ball.

9-4 One of the best smashes of the night there from Yew. A fully stretched Kashyap could not get to it. He’s having a lot of fun here, Yew is, at the expense of an experienced Kashyap.

8-4 Lose couple of shots from Kashyap and that’s all Yew needs to smash it away from Kashyap.

6-4 Wide again from Kashyap and Yew keeps him guessing. He is not being allowed to settle in here. Yew knows that its sense to get it done quickly.

Just wide from Kashyap there. Lead given again. Yew smartly leaves.

4-4 There comes the smash. 339 kmph. Kashyap has pegged back here equalising and cancelling the lead. The smashes were missing so far. Is this a sign of things to come?

Kashyap is not looking his best today. Yew is certainly the fitter of the two. But the momentum now rests with Yew.

4-3 Unforced errors from Yew to hit against the net.

4-1 Open court there for Yew to smash it down at the back. Kashyap has no chance. Will this match end in this game?

3-1 Kashyap is not able to break Yew. Finding the net each time.

1-1 Error here from Yew. Slightly wide.

Lovely rally here and Kashyap looks much better this time around but a cross court shot close to the net does not carry to Yew and it’s advantage Pune.

Kashyap needs to take a leaf from Subhankar Dey’s book from a few nights ago. Cut the pace, try and slow down the speed of the rally.

Game 1: Yew takes the first game 15-7.

15-7 There, done. Quite neatly too. Smashes one into the close court. Kashyap looks like he has given up or tired out here. He has to reset and come back to try and stay in this game. Sparkling PBL debut for Yew.

14-7 Monster smash there. 341kmph. And Kashyap scrambles to collect but hits the net.

13-7 Kashyap pegs back. Nice rally and he finds Yew hitting the net. But Yew’s pace has increased in the last few rallies. Kashyap

13-6 Hard to keep up with Yew’s pace here. Two points, two similar points. Get Kashyap to one side, smash down the other.

Smash again, from Yew. First goes gentle close to the net drawing Kashyap to the middle and then smashes far out to give Kashyap no chance.

NUTMEG! Through his legs, or so it appears right now. Smashed through Kashyap. Shot of the night so far.

Oh what a smash from Kashyap. Across the court. Yew does well to connect but a slightly backhanded shot can’t rise enough to cross the net.

9-5 Kashyap has been beaten, he’s on all fours here. Sliced across the court and Kashyap desperately dives to make contact but returns into the net.

Attempt to deceive by the net goes wrong for Yew as he can’t get the shuttle to cross over.

Yew is 22. Kashyap is 33. What a difference, but at the same time, look at the different things they both can take off each others’ games? Lovely opportunity for both.

8-4 Again, this time Kashyap manages to respond only getting his racquet’s frame to connect. Not enough. Yew leads at the break.

7-4 What a beautiful drop shot there. On debut, lovely performance here by Yew.

6-4 Another rally and Kashyap knows better this time, he forces an error out of Yew to get him into the net.

6-3 Lovely rally here. Yew made Kashyap toil there sending him across the court but Yew has the last laugh, forcing Kashyap to graze the tape.

5-3 Kashyap seems to have found his rhythm. As he manages to catch Yew wide again

5-2 Too long from Yew and Kashyap knows he needs to leave that one.

5-1 Two quick points to Yew as we have errors coming in from Kashyap, finding himself a little long or wide at each point.

2-1 Smashed down the right to get his first point of the night.

2-0 Oh what do we have here? Kashyap is trailing 0-2 here not managing to reach returns coming close to the net.

MATCH THREE: Loh Kean Yew vs Parupalli Kashyap

MATCH TWO: Pune’s  Rituparna Das beat Mumbai Rockets’ Shriyanshi Pardeshi 11-15, 15-9, 15-9 [TRUMP]

Oh, and the 100% unbeaten streak for the Trump matches continues.

Game 3:  Rituparna takes the game 15-9 and the match as a result.

15-9 Done and dusted and Mathias Boe has a content look on his face. Shriyanshi finds herself grazing the net. The 7 Aces are on their feet here in the dugout. A nice little almost Bollywood-ish wave going there. Lovely to watch. 2 points in the bag. Kashyap is up next. Stay with us.

Gamepoint here for Rituparna

14-9 Shriyanshi has to angle back so much to hit that back but she hits the net.

13-9 Oh look at the angle that forehand has created. She force Shriyanshi to get the placement all wrong.

Rituparna is too good here. Catches Shriyansh wide.

11-9 Too far wide from Rituparna. Unforced. Kim Gi Jung doesn’t care. He’s furiously cheering his teammate.

Service error from Rituparna.

The court is being wiped again. Shriyanshi now has a visible limp

11-7 Again, gently nudged beyond the net and Shriyanshi scrambles to collect but she hits back into the net.

10-7 She’s digging deep Shriyanshi but she can’t make it to collect Rituparna’s return close to the net.

9-7 Lead down to 2. Goes long to beat Rituparna.

9-6 Rituparna misjudges that one. Thinks its wide. It’s not. Point to Shriyanshi

9-5 Perfect rally this. Just perfect. Beats Shriyanshi multiple times by stretching her to the corners and then slots it at the back away from Shriyanshi. Nicely done.

I absolutely love how Boe and Co. need to be told twice to head back into the chair. No one is complaining, especially not Rituparna as the strategies are working.

8-5 Rituparna takes the lead going into the break though. We have a few more points to go before we know who wins this, but for now, I am going to spend some time lip reading to figure what Mathias Boe is saying.

7-5 Intense rally but Rituparna is too wide there.

7-4 Shriyanshi gets one too wide. She is challenging this, maybe just to slow down the pace of the game for a breather. But is the idea to break Rituparna’ rhythm?

6-4 Excellent work from Rituparna as she manages a cross court smash there to completely castle Shriyanshi

5-4 Shriyanshi hands the lead back to Rituparna after hitting the net

4-4 Couple of errors there on both ends, in judgement and placement there.

2-3 Nice netplay here by both. Rituparna manages to flick it across and Shriyanshi who has been brilliant up close so far squanders this one to hit the tape.

1-3 Backhand return from Rituparna hits the net. She didn’t have good control over that one.

1-2 Slender lead for Shriyanshi s she beats Rituparna by the net

1-1 Shriyanshi sends a cross court shot across Rituparna whose return hits the net

1-0 Momentum remains with Rituparna who takes the first point

Game 2: Rockets takes the game 15-9
15-9 Rituparna takes this game after Shriyanshi goes a little wide by the net.

14-9 Another smash down the court and we have game point for Rituparna

13-9 Shriyanshi has been beaten by that cross court smash

12-9 That drop shot did not work for Rituparna.

12-8 Another smash. Rituparna gets another point, lead now four points

11-8 Good deception from Rituparna as she shots one down to Shriyanshi who can’t collect.

10-8 Rituparna tries to smash one in low. But finds the net.

10-7 Error in judgement from Rituparna here as she leaves a shot that’s well within bounds

10-6 Rally. 22 shots, finds Shriyanshi wide, just off the line. Cleverly done hee.

9-6 A point each for the girls. Elementary errors here from either.

8-5 Brilliance close to the net here. Rituparna can’t get her return across the net.

Boe has had a long hard chat with Rituparna. This is going to be interesting. I do wonder though. The broadcaster has handled the Pro Kabaddi League as well and that’s been a carefully curated property too for them. I wish we could listen in to watch this legends are saying when they coach the players. Would make for great takeaways, especially for spectators and fans who are being introduced to the game by this league format. Time to tweet to them, perhaps?

8-4 Rituparna takes a four-point cushion going into the break drawing Shriyanshi to return into the net.

7-4 Shriyanshi slides across the court awkwardly and cannot connect to a cross court half smash from Rituparna. Umpires calls for the court to be wiped.

6-4  Two quick points to Rituparna as she manages to make Shriyanshi run around and miss shots.

4-4 Drop shot from Shriyanshi that Rituparna middles, gently flicking it across the net. Shriyanshi responds in kind sending a beautiful cross court shot on the other side. Rituparna beaten.

4-3 Error of judgement from Shriyanshi there as she misses a shot that comes well within the baseline.

3-3 Rituparna smashes into the net.

3-2 Another goes wide from Rituparna. Same mistakes here

3-1 Shriyanshi is disappointed with herself here. The drop shot doesnt manage to clear the net.

2-1 Rituparna thought about challenging for that one, but she’s out and a point goes to the Rockets

Two quick points to Rituparna as Shriyanshi misses one in the corners and sends the next into the net

This match is that much more important for Rituparna and the Aces as this their trump game. -1 point if they lose this but two points if they win. Also, teams have  a 100% win record in trump games so far in this season of the league.

Game 1: Rockets take the first game 15-11

11-15 Mumbai Rockets takes this game with Shriyanshi drawing Rituparna out for a rally. At the end, although Shriyanshi looks a little patchy by the nets, she manages to force Rituparna to slot one straight into the net. Game won. First blood drawn. Well done.

11-14 Oh one more. Shriyansi gets Rituparna gets her short right before the net. What a comeback.

11-13 One more for Shriyanshi and such deception from the Blues to find Rituparna short. The latter is not reading her drop shots right and its costing her.

11-12 Cross court smash. The angles here from Shriyanshi are out of this world. Point well deserved here.

11-11 Rituparna uses Shriyanshi’s tactics against her, sticking to the corners but trying to angle it n constantly. And it works as Shriyanshi comes in too wide here

10-11 Too wide from Rituparna. Keep away from the corners, Rituparna. Shriyanshi seeks the weakness here.

10-10 Rituparna pegs back with a lovely smash but Shriyanshi is not giving up. 18 shot-rally here that Shriyanshi ends with a drop that has beaten Rituparna completely.

9-9 Few quick points. The last rally played to her liking there, for Shriyanshi. She forces Rituparna to respond to deeper shots where her returns don’t get the required height to clear the net.

8-7 Rituparna Das takes the lead into the break forcing Shriyanshi to get the middling of the shuttle all wrong with her pace. Shriyanshi meanwhile also seems to be struggling with her leg, her thigh seems to be giving her some trouble. Hope all is well with her.

7-7 Great fightback here from Shriyanshi. Goes low close to the net and forces Rituparna to the ground but she can’t connect.

7-6 Shriyanshi is channeling her heroes her in forcing Rituparna to come close to the net and collide there.

7-5 Lovely cross court shot, very deceptive there too. Catches Rituparna by surprise.

7-4 Too long from Shriyanshi

6-4 Lucky there for Shriyanshi as the shuttle catches the top of the tape but tumbles alright into Rituparna’s territory.

6-3 Too wide now from Shriyanshi

5-3 Too wide from Rituparna.

5-2 Good return with a drop there from Shriyanshi. She needs to stay in this game.

5-1 Another forced error there from Shriyanshi. The pace is too much and Shriyanshi finds the net in the return

Lovely cross court from Rituparna. The racquet grazes the ground.

3-1 Little wide there. Shriyanshi can’t reach. The lead extends.

2-1 Rituparna forces an error here from Shriyanshi forcing her to play into the net.

1-1 Shriyanshi is making Rituparna work there, forcing her to move across the court. She finally brings it too long for Rituparna to anywhere near.

1-0 Trump match for Rituparna Das and she gets Shriyanshi wide there.

MATCH TWO: Rituparna Das vs Shriyanshi Pardeshi

Up next, Trump Match for the Aces.

MATCH ONE: Pune’s Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan beat Mumbai’s Kim G Jung/ Kim Sa Rang 14-15, 15-5, 15-6.

Game 3: Pune takes the game 15-6.

15-6 And it’s done. Pune 7 Aces start with a win. What went wrong with Kim Sa Rang and Kim Gi Jung. Very underwhelming. Pune takes it 15-6

14-6 Oh rig in the middle of the court, Sa Rang seems to have a lapse of concentration as he does not get to it.

Too one sided here, as everything coming their way, the Koreans are missing. The duo is who Mumbai goes to for high octane encounters. Worrying here for the Rockets.

10-5 Long as the baseline towards Chirag’s right. Lucky point.

9-5 Chirag sends one using his forehand into Gi Jung who is positioned too awkwardly to make anything of it.

8-5 Gi Jung catches Chirag off balance and his service comes into the net. Nicely done by the Korean here.

8-4 Another goes beyond their reach and the Aces have secured a 4-point lead at the break.

7-4 Aces get one long down the court, just inside enough to get a point, and long enough for the opponents to not be able to connect.

6-4 One more for the Rockets as the Aces miss a collecion.

6-3 Into the net here from Setiawan.

6-2 Setiawan manages a lovely drop shot close to the net. Gi Jung is smiling, Mumbai is not amused.

5-2 Lovely close to the net half smash from Chirag there.

3-2 The Koreans are trying to peg back a few points

3-1 Oh error from Gi Jung and the Aces has another point to its name.

Setiawan goes into the net. Point conceded

Another one from Chirag. Two quick points

1-0 Lovely smash there by Chirag Shetty. Yorker-like, for those who get the cricket reference

Game 2: Aces takes the game 15-5

15-5 Chirag is smashing. He wants this done with but Kim Gi Jung knows what he’s trying to do and tries to force him to make an error along the net but that backfires, handing the Aces the game. We have a decider game now as a result. One sided game this.

14-5 Quick point a piece here as both sides find themselves going wide.

12-5 Two quick points for the Rockets, Aces finding the net and going a little too wide to bring those up.

12-3 Disappointing shot there from Kim Sa Rang. Too easy for the Aces.

11-3 One more. Too easy, the Aces are making it look.

10-3 Smash speed of 313 kmph from Chirag, Sa Rang can’t react quick enough.

9-3 What a rally. Pace contest that one. Lovely smashes but Sa Rang looked a little impatient there. And it costs him, as he returns into the net.

8-3 The Aces force Sa Rang into the net. Aces lead at the break, but trail by a game. So far, that is.

7-3 Setiewan is brilliant and finds Sa Rang struggling. Huge space empty in the court and Setiewan makes no error to slot the shuttle there.

Too long from the Aces. Point to the Rockets.

6-2 Point apiece. Brilliant cross court shots from both sides

5-1 Brilliant backhand defense from Setiewan. Forces Sa Rang to return into the net.

3-1 Kim Sa Rang pegged one back taking advantage of a weird service from Chirag but the latter evens things out with a smash down the court. Learnt some things from Satwik it seems.

2-0 Quick two points as Setiewan gets the shuttle just within the line

We hear Guru Randhawa playing in the stadium. The Pune drummers are not in their element in yet.

Game 1: Rockets take the first game 15-14

15-14 Mumbai takes the opening game after thrilling rally. But what an error-ridden game this has been. This last point should have been Pune’s considering a remarkable recovery and some brilliant movement across the court from the boys in pink. But Kim Gi Jung and Kim Sa Rang hold their own to give the Rockets a lead in this match.

14-14 Oh no. Scrappy communication here from the Aces and they miss one close to the net to now force a decider point.


14-13 I missed a short exchange here but the next point that goes the Aces way is remarkable. What a rally here and Chirag and Setiawan stretch the Rockets across the court managing a cross court shot that the Kims cannot reach in time to save.

12-13 Fast serves and returns here but Sa Rang ends pumping his fist after Chirag finds the net again

Chirag makes amends. Plays it close to the net without much height, but incredible speed and Kim Sa Rang can’t cope

11-12 Into the net here by Chirag. Frustration

11-11 The Korean duo test the Aces sending in half smashes aimed at the middle of the body. Chirag can’t balance himself long enough to connect with every returning shot. Gap bridged.

11-10 Flicked over the net by Sa Rang, the Aces don’t reach

11-9 Too long here from the Rockets. Point to the Aces. Setiawan knows to let that one go.

10-9 And again. Sa Rang is pleased. The gap now down to a point

10-8 Chirag finds the net. Sa Rang is brilliant close to the net here. He is testing the Indian doubles star

10-7 Sheer pace from Sa Rang as he slots is back to Aces who aren’t fast enough to react

10-6 More errors each here, one in the return here by the Rockets. Gifting points now

Unforced error here from Sa Rang, finding the net as he returns to the Aces.

8-5 Dispatched out long by Chirag. Aces lead at the break.

Point apiece with service errors that also sees Chirag’s racquet string snap. Change of racquets

6-4 The Korean duo has managed to bridge the gap here. Errors in service on the trot now.

6-3 Wide from the Rockets. Chirag and Setiawan take the point.

5-3 Sa Rang forces Chirag to make an error here.

5-2 Three quick points, one apiece for each side first – Service errors on both sides

3-1 Another error from Gi Jung. Into the net here. Chirag forces an error here from the experienced pair.

1-2 Kim Gi Jung looks down at the court to possibly hint he has slipped down. His loss of balance has cost him a point here as the return comes wide.

1-1 Oh but a high jump there from Chirag doesn’t prevent the shuttle finding the net

1-0 We start with a decently even rally with Pune taking he first point.

MATCH ONE: Men’s doubles: Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan vs Kim G Jung/ Kim Sa Rang

We are under 7 minutes away from live action in Lucknow. From a thrilling Southern Derby yesterday, we now have the Maharashtrian Derby before us. Before we get ahead in the evening, here’s the order of play.

Order of play

Men’s doubles: Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan vs Kim G Jung/ Kim Sa Rang

Women’s Single: Rituparna Das vs Shriyanshi Pardeshi

Men’s Singles: Loh Kean Yew vs Parupalli Kashyap

Men’s Single 2: Kasumasa Sakai vs Lee Dong Keun

Mixed doubles: Chris and Gabby Adcock vs Kim Gi Jung/Pia Zebidiah

What’s on the menu today

Action now moves to Lucknow with the Awadhe Warriors hosting the league. First game of the second leg has a mouthwatering encounter on the cards – the Maharashtrian Derby which will see Pune 7 Aces take on the Mumbai Rockets. The Aces are playing their first tie of the league and will want to get off to a good start – the player in focus, Satwik’s doubles partner in the international circut – Chirag Shetty.


Mumbai Rockets was part of the collateral damage of the Superstarz rampage this week, losing to Chennai 3-4. The side will look to make amends as it takes on state mate Pune.

What you missed yesterday:

It was a tie worth its weight in gold for a leg finale. Chennai Superstarz ended their home leg winning all three games with the final one against defending champion Bengaluru Raptors going right down to the wire – a 4-3 win that was secured in the final match. Satwiksairaj debuted a few new moves at the end of it, as promised to our reporters from a win earlier in the week, capping a truly entertaining week of badminton.

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