Kim Kardashian Admits She Wants To Take Down Kylie Jenner On Instagram Again — Watch

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition between siblings. Kim Kardashian says she wants to dethrone Kylie Jenner in Instagram followers, as her younger sister has surpassed her.

Kylie Jenner rang in 2020 in a big way, by becoming the most followed Kar-Jenner on Instagram. On Jan. 3. she surpassed big sister Kim Kardashian, 39, by one million users. Kim currently has 157 million people following her on the ‘gram, while Kylie, 22, now has 158 million. On Jan. 21, the sisters dropped a YouTube video together where Kylie did Kim’s makeup in a tutorial, something they said was three years in the making. During it, Kim revealed she wants to dethrone her sister in IG followers.

The revelation came as Kylie was working on Kim’s eyelashes and a lash fell out. “I’ll keep this as a souvenir,” Kylie told Kim who responded, “You’re such a hater.” Kylie took a tweezer and gave the lash to an assistant, but then said, “Wait, should we make a wish on it first?” Then she asked for it back and told Kim, “Let’s actually make a wish on it together.” “Don’t we keep wishes to ourselves?” Kim asked. Instead of making a wish then blowing the lash into the air, Kylie took it back and kept it. “I just wished I would beat you in Instagram again,” Kim said of her wish. ‘Now my wish wont come true.” The exchange comes at the very end of the video above.

While doing the tutorial, the sisters answered fan questions from Twitter. Kylie got the asked, “What do people not know about you?” and she replied, “Probably that I’m really weird.” Kim snarked, “I think they already know that,” with a big smile. She continued, “I was going to say that you like to sing, but people like know that now.”

Kim was referring to Kylie singing to her daughter Stormi, almost 2, “Rise and Shine” in a TikTok video that went viral. “This is what people don’t understand, is I’ve always sung everything. Like I sing talk, ever since I was younger,” Kylie revealed. “That ‘Rise and Shine’ thing was so funny. Now every time I sing people are like, ‘There’ll never be another ‘Rise and Shine.’ I’m like ‘leave me alone, I always sing!’” Too cute!

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