December 1, 2020

‘Imran Khan was a better cricketer than a politician’: H E Amjad Khan – Times of India

The Gul Makai director H E Amjad Khan was in Indore recently, and while here he spared some time to talk about his film which released today. Beginning the conversation with a discussion about the risk he had to take to bring such a story to silver screen he says, “It may be a risk, but I was willing to take it. I have used original names and quotes of Pakistani diplomats in the story, even the wrongful things done by them. I have even showed the Talibani outfits and their atrocities done by them. But we had to show the story because if a 14-year-old girl can take the risk of telling the story, I can definitely step up. Hum pe toh fir responsibility hai ye sab dikhaane ka, kyunki audience paise deke dekhne aa rahe hain films”.

Khan had also responded to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement recently when the former said that Indian cinema has been instrumental in increasing crime in Pakistan “He was a better cricketer than a politician, because he speaks without any background research. They themselves have failed to recognise the talent and prize winners in their own country, what right does he have to raise question on any other country? He and his government never acknowledged Malala’s work or the fact that she is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Isse achcha toh wo coach hi tha. Indian films are getting recognition in every country of the planet and actors are now starring in global films, that itself speaks for us. In Pakistan too there are numerous fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Then how can he pass such ignorant statements?” he replies.

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