IITian quits plush job to launch SchoolMyKids for promoting education

NEW DELHI: An IITian quit his lucrative US job to launch platform SchoolMyKids for promoting education by providing comprehensive information about different schools across the country.

Arun Meena, one of the founders of the platform, who quit high-flying career at a multi-national firm, said the startup is looking to become a key source of information for parents on parenting and schools.

The platform has started providing content in Hindi language beside English, another co-founder Assistant Professor Kiran Meena said. The company is working to provide the content in other regional languages as well which include Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali.

“The current traffic at our portal is around 5 lakh per month and we are targeting to take the number to 10-12 lakh per month by the end of this year,” Arun said.

At present, he said, too much information is there in an unorganised format and due to this parents have to run from pillar to post so that their children get admission in the right school.

“Currently we are providing information about 6,000 schools across the country. Gradually, we are adding to the number,” Arun Meena said. He added that the company has not raised any fund so far, as “firstly we want to strengthen the platform and then after that we will seek funds”.

“SchoolMyKids is an online parenting and school discovery platform where new age parents can find insights, tips and information they look for while raising their kids,” he added.

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