November 25, 2020

Hot air balloon ride, ATV rides & Maharaja Thalis – here are all the clues that hinted at Arjun Kapoor exploring Jaipur with his 64MP #MegaMonster Samsung Galaxy M31 – Times of India

If you are an avid social media junkie then we are sure you must have come across Bollywood hunk Arjun Kapoor’s #MegaMonster Trail on his Instagram. The star was seen having a gala time at a mysterious location that kept us guessing about his adventures. Arjun, being an ultimate shutterbug, lit up his Instagram every time he posted a picture of this mysterious place- be it a snap of the pristine valley, discovering the old world charm of the city on a cycle or his magnanimous feast by the lake. And helping Arjun capture his journey in all its glory is the brilliant 64MP camera on the #MegaMonster Galaxy M31. Arjun’s social media was abuzz which kept us guessing about the location, after all, 5 lucky people who guessed it correctly will get the #MegaMonster Galaxy M31 delivered at their doorsteps. And guess what- this Saturday the actor finally revealed the dreamy destination of his #MegaMonster Trail. In his latest post, we see Arjun in a hot-air balloon hovering over the City Of Palaces – Jaipur!

This was followed up by today’s Instagram Story where Arjun told his fans about the story.


Interestingly, Arjun dropped the first clue of his journey to Jaipur on Instagram on February 20, 2020. Here, we got to know that he is riding an ATV in the desert. A big clue for his followers that he is in Rajasthan, but where exactly in Rajasthan remained the big question! He posted some stunning pictures shot from the quad-camera setup and the stunner 64MP camera. Interestingly, Arjun revealed that the Galaxy M31 packs a monstrous 6000mAh battery.

In fact, the high points of Arjun Kapoor’s journey through the Pink City were accentuated by the Samsung Galaxy M31 via multiple posts done on Instagram and you can check them all

Another clue by Arjun about his #MegaMonster Trail was seen though this gorgeous post of the Maharaja Thali by the Man Sagar Lake . Not only did the food look scrumptious, the views were also absolutely breath-taking. The post showed the Samsung Galaxy M31’s stellar capacity of snapping in Macro mode.

After this post, Arjun’s followers got some idea about his location, but that didn’t reveal his actual location. But there was no stopping Arjun Kapoor- he was still exploring the city and teasing his followers!

By looking at his #MegaMonster Trail on his Instagram profile, we get to see various shades of Jaipur. Be it the Maharaja Thali by the lake or his adventurous ride on the ATV or roaming about the streets of Jaipur. However, this made us wonder if the battery was up to the task? Well, as mentioned in one of his earlier Instagram posts about the Galaxy M31, it was revealed that the device is loaded with a massive 6000mAh battery. This counts for an Internet Usage time (Wi-Fi, Standard) of up to 21 hours, Talk time/Voice Call (LTE, Standard) of up to 48 hours, Video Playtime (Standard) of up to 26 hours and Music Play Time (Standard) of up to 119 hours.

The final clue of Arjun’s exploration came in the form of a poll on his Instagram story! “ What is your fave feature,” asked Arjun and posted a 64MP image of a palace along with the macro of a flower!


Arjun Kapoor’s Instagram feed tells a lot about the camera on Galaxy M31. But to view the stunning pictures taken from the #MegaMonster you need a high-quality screen. And that is where Samsung Galaxy M31 shines like a diamond. The phone packs a massive FHD+ sAMOLED Infinity U-Display. With a bezel-less design of the display and a great quality panel, it surely counts for a MegaBinge experience!

One thing is clear from Arjun’s monstrous journey with the Galaxy M31 and that is we definitely want our vacation pictures to look as good as Arjun’s. And it is pretty clear that the 64MP camera of Samsung Galaxy M31 has enough punch. So, what’s stopping you to embark on your own adventure and capturing everything in great detail? The launch date! Fret not, it’s not that far. The Samsung Galaxy M31 will launch on the 25th of this month at 1 pm, and goes on sale on 5th March on
Samsung Online Store and all leading stores. The price remains a big question but sources on the inside have revealed that it will be a bang for your bucks!


So get set, gear up and head to your dream adventure and capture your experience in vivid details with the #MegaMonster Galaxy M31.

Disclaimer: This is a brand post and has been written by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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