Hiver launches ‘Lite shared inbox’ to help small businesses

NEW DELHI: Hiver, a shared inbox solution for teams, on Thursday rolled out Hiver Lite with the goal to help small businesses grow faster through better email collaboration.

The shared inbox solution helps Gmail users share group emails like support@, invoices@ and info@ with their co-workers. This ensures that teammates don’t have to use forwards and CCs to collaborate, said a release.

Hiver Lite will offer the core functionalities of a shared mailbox – ability to assign emails, add contextual notes for co-workers, automatic detection of duplicate responses, email templates, and basic automations.

“Small teams looking for an economical way to get started on email collaboration have to use inefficient methods like Google Groups, or forwards and CCs in order to share group emails with their co-workers. Unfortunately, what they save in terms of cost, they end up losing in time spent on managing these emails,” said Niraj Ranjan, CEO and co-founder at Hiver.

“Hiver Lite gives founders and small teams the tools they need to get started on email collaboration. The objective is to help them spend their time on the hard problems they are solving – by taking care of the operational challenges of sharing team emails,” he added, as quoted in the release.

Co-founded by Niraj Ranjan and Nitesh Nandy, Hiver is based out of Bengaluru and has over 1500 customers.

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