Halle Berry, 53, Cozies Up Next To Hunky Fitness Trainer In A Belly-Baring Top

Happy ‘Fitness Friday.’ Halle Berry’s favorite day of the week is here, and to celebrate, the ‘John Wick’ star shared a photo of her hot stretching session with personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Learn some ‘unconventional stretches’!

We’re always excited to see what subject Halle Berry, 53, will tackle on “Fitness Friday,” which has become the actress’s trademark day of the week on Instagram. For Jan. 17, the theme was stretching! Halle demonstrated her flexibility alongside her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, in a photo for fans to copy with a pal: Halle lifted her back leg while balancing on Peter, and the trainer flexed his back muscles as he mimicked Halle’s stretch. Thanks to the shadows in the photo (and of course, the workout team’s combined muscles), this made for one steamy photo.

Stretches require bendy material, so Halle wore a bandeau with breathable cutouts on the back, along with yoga pants featuring fun geometric shapes. While recapping the stretching session in her Instagram post, Halle wrote, “We’ve talked several times about the benefits of a good stretch for body & mind – So today, Peter will be demonstrating unconventional stretches that will do a world of good for muscles you didn’t even know were tight! We’re talking lats, quads, shoulders, spine, lower back, chest – you name it, we got it covered.”

These “unconventional stretches” were performed by Peter, which Halle documented for her Instagram Story! There was the “Spine & Scapular Waves,” which required getting on all fours and wiggling your back. There was also the “Kneeling Quad Wall Stretch,” which required kneeling in front of a wall with your “back foot pointed & flat facing towards the wall,” Halle explained. She added, “Lean forward, front knee bending & front foot on the floor.” There were even more stretches called “Lat Stretch With Chair,” “Low Lunge Twist” and “Dancer’s Pose.”

Last week’s “Fitness Friday” approached the subject of snacks, and Halle raved about her “home made kale chips” in an Instagram post. But the Catwoman star revealed that the Fitness Friday on Dec. 20, 2019 was “extra special,” since it marked her last day on set shooting her directorial debut, Bruised. The director and star really committed to her role as a MMA fighter! In addition to training, she even rocked a black eye while taking a stroll in New Jersey in Nov. 2019 (which, thankfully, was just makeup for a scene). Now that filming has wrapped, we hope Halle has even more time to be our fitness guru on Instagram!

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