Dia Mirza breaks down during ‘climate emergency’ discussion, some netizens call her ‘sasti Greta’ while others support her – Times of India ►

Dia Mirza had an emotional moment while speaking during a climate change discussion at a recent event. The actress participated in the ‘climate emergency’ session and turned teary stating, “Don’t hold back from being an empath. Don’t be afraid of shedding your tears. Feel it, feel the full extent of everything. It’s good. It gives us strength. It does. And this is not a performance.” The actress was offered a tissue after her break down but she refused to use it.

Dia later explained that she turned emotional after she heard the news about basket player Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s death in a helicopter crash. “My day started really well yesterday… At around 3 (early morning), this news alert came on my phone for a very big player, NBA player, who I followed for a while. His chopper crashing in California disturbed me. It really upset me. There are different things that upset us on different days, but we take care of ourselves. I was overwhelmed because my blood pressure was low.”

Internet stood divided over Dia’s emotional moment, while a few referred to the actress as a copy of Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, others supported her stand on climate change.

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