Cricketer Smriti Mandhana unveils all-new Power sports collection in Mumbai

Power, the sports and performance brand by Bata, along with Smriti Mandhana, BCCIs Best Women`s International Cricketer and the face of Power, launched their all new fitness collection for 2020. The launch was announced in Mumbai on Wednesday.

Smriti Mandhana has been the face of Power since 2018 and has been on a quest to promote fitness as a lifestyle. Speaking on her association with the brand, she said, “As an athlete, it is critical to be comfortable in your feet and be quick to respond to every strike. I have tested the collection and found it to be the best match for my game. The collection has been exclusively designed for everyone who is looking for a partner for their fitness needs. Running, walking, training, whatever your fitness is, there is a Power for you. The shoes will keep you light on your feet, and the 3-layer outsole foam technology in Power Move gives you an added advantage in terms of bounce and agility.”

Smriti shared her fitness hacks at the gathering after unveiling the collection and urged people to take part in the upcoming Power fitness challenge. The challenge starts on January 27 and encourages people who buy Power footwear to get in shape to be rewarded for future purchases. To participate in the challenge, people can visit a Bata store for more information.

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Speaking about the launch of the new collection, Anand Narang, VP – Marketing, Bata India Ltd, said, “We are excited to launch Power`s new Fitness collection that comes with our flagship product Power Move offering Power foam technology for better shock absorption, higher rebound effect and better energy return along with Power Hitro and Aero offering great training & walking experience. We are also kick-starting the second season of our annual Power fitness challenge that motivates and rewards people by being fit and healthy with Power. Smriti Mandhana, our brand ambassador, is the perfect choice as she truly resonates with the brand ethos and is a symbol of strength and fitness.”

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